Family Video Order Form


    To book your event, please print and complete the form below and mail it with your booking fee to Jim Powell, Family Video, 92 Redstone Way, Birmingham, Alabama  35215

The following fees may increase without notice.  Please call (800) 283-7686 to verify the present fee.
Contact Person: __________________ Phone: ___________ Email:  _____________________

Address: ______________________________ City/State: ______________ Zip: _______

Bride: ____________________________ Groom: _________________________________

Wedding Date: _________________________ Time of Ceremony: ____________________

Place: __________________________________ Phone: _______________________

Directions: ________________________________________________________________

Pastor: __________________________________ Phone: ___________________________

Reception location with directions: ____________________________________________

Wedding coordinator: __________________________  Phone:_____________________

Photographer:  ________________________________ 

Video Format: Digital Video

For the recording of the above ceremony and reception highlights.

Maximum recording time: two hours      Maximum location time: six hours

We are offering a free private webpage which will have at least 20 video stills from your program and a Broadband Windows Media Highlights video.

Your free webpage will be active for at least three months. If you wish additional months, please add $100 per 12 months.

Note: booking fees are part of your total fee:    PAY THROUGH  PayPal  BELOW

___ Money Savings Offer  -  Total Fee:   $495      Booking Fee:  $150

___ One Camera Super Package - Total Fee: $795   Booking Fee: $150  

___ Three Camera Special  -  Total Fee:   $995    Booking Fee:  $150

___ Wedding & Rehearsal/Dinner Special (One camera) -  Total Fee:  $1195    Booking Fee:  $150 

___ Wedding & Childhood Photo Special (One Camera) -  Total Fee:  $995    Booking Fee:  $150 

___ Combo Package  One-Camera Super Package, Rehearsal Night, Photo Program  -  Total Fee: $1195   Booking Fee: $150  

___ "Your Story" Package  (3 Cameras for Ceremony, Rehearsal (1 camera), Photo Program    Total Fee:  $1,495  Booking Fee:  $150 

___ Three Camera-Two Operator Package    $1,495  Booking Fee:   $350

___ Marvelous Memories Package - Total Fee:  $2,950  Booking Fee:   $1,000

___ Add $100 for two extra hours of location time.

___ Photos to be added at the beginning of the finished program.  Includes custom transfer with touch-up and up to 75 photos.     Without package $345.00

___ Rehearsal & Dinner Highlights   Without package $500 (limit 4 hours)

___ Additional 1/2 day shoot.  Without package $450 per 1/2 day

___ Additional full day shoot.  Without package $650 per day

___ Additional months for the webpage. 12 months for $100

     We also travel outside of Birmingham.  For the Gulf Coast, New Orleans and Louisville (KY), add $135 per package.  For other areas, please call for a quote.

Pay your booking fee through PayPal.  Select:  


$150.00 (Booking Fee)

  Ordered by: __________________________ Date:  __________ If you did not pay your booking fee through PayPal, we also accept your personal check for the amount of $150.00.  Please send it with your order.  Once received the date will be confirmed.

Balance due prior to ceremony: $______________


Quality Guarantee: Family Video Productions guarantees the quality of production to be at professional standards limited by the logistical requirements at the recording locations and production requirements. All VHS and DVD products delivered to you are guaranteed for one year from date of shipping. If your product does not technically perform in any way, simply return the product to the below address for a replacement at no charge.

Delivery of Final Product: We make every effort to deliver your media as soon as possible depending upon our production schedule. Delivery Sequence: 1. Video Stills on your private webpages; 2. Windows Media Highlights video; 3. VHS copies and DVD master set.
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