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Custom Photo Transfer to Video

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t Recording with professional equipment operated by highly experienced and trained videographers
t Full ceremony recording including processional and recessional
t Finished Master Program available after recessional.
t Up to 2 hours of actual recording and 6 hours of  location time
t Reception highlights recording such as cutting of the wedding cake, toast, first dance and leaving the reception
t 2 DVD masters which includes titles, your Highlights Video and all footage from your wedding and reception.
t Up to 6 hours of location time and 2 hours of actual recording
     Making every effort to record your precious moments in the manner that you desire, we use digital video cameras, broadcast standard audio equipment and videographers with professional experience.  We believe that you will enjoy your recorded program for years to come

     All recording is made on state-of-the-art professional Digital Video cameras.  Minor editing is performed to enhance the program including a two minute montage of highlights which is placed after opening titles. Once the montage concludes, all footage is presented including the processional, the full ceremony, the recessional, candid shots of the portrait photographer’s session with the family members and important highlights of the reception. In addition, each bride and groom receive up to 20 video stills on an individual private page of our Internet site showing important events of the program. This page will be active for a minimum of three months.

     One professional wireless microphone will be available for either the groom which is normal placement or at the platform. If available, we also connect with the house audio system to receive audio from the pastor and other sounds. In the situation where the house system is not available, a second directional microphone at the camera location is used on the second audio channel to record audience sounds and music.

     Each package includes up to 6 hours on location and 2 hours of video recording. Recording the ceremony, candid highlights of the photography session before and after the ceremony, the reception if located nearby and a minimum of two VHS copies are included in all packages.   Each fee is quoted for the Birmingham Metropolitan area or within 150 miles of Birmingham.

     To plan for possible location obstacles, we ask that you evaluate the location as to your choice of shooting position. We have found that shooting from the balcony or rear of the church on a ’riser’ which we provide gives us the best picture.  Also, are there any special people from whom you would like to have comments prior to the wedding?  Would you like us to interview you and your fiancée prior to the ceremony?  If you have any special requests, please state them on the rear of our "Order Form."  

One-Camera Super Package
   The "One Camera" package fee of $795 includes the recording and editing mentioned above of the ceremony, processional and recessional, candid shots of the still photographer's sessions; reception highlights; Web page with 20 video stills for three months; Highlights Windows Media Video; up to 6 hours on location; 2 hours of master tape; and two DVDs.   It's Super!  Pay it through PayPal.  Order Today!
     Call for a Demo!      (205) 854-2999  or  (800) 283-7686    Pay your deposit: 



Wedding and Rehearsal Night Package
     Not only is your wedding day the most precious day of your life, your ‘Rehearsal Night’ is filled with memorable events. Just you and your wedding party share an intimate time together, one that may never return. It's a private time together at the church, a time to share stories, a time of toasts and sharing of a meal. Capturing this night is very important. Family Video now offers a package to capture both events at a special fee of just $1195. It includes all of the above Super Package and candid shots of the church rehearsal, highlights of the dinner and the presentations including toasts. Make sure you keep all of the memories of these beautiful days.         Order Today!    Pay your deposit: 

Wedding and Childhood Photo Program
     Your guests will love this photo video program of your lives. Custom transferred photos of your early childhood, teenage years and young adulthood plus photos of you and your fiancée together will delight your viewers. In this special offering, we custom transfer up to 75 photos to video and produce a program including appropriate music on DVD or VHS. A CD copy of your finished photos is also supplied. This package for only $995 also includes all of the One Camera Super Package.   PS: We’ll also bring a DVD/TV combo to your reception so your guests can see this wonderful program.     Order Today!  Pay your deposit: 

Three-Camera Special
    Now you can have your wedding video affordably recorded on three professional state-of-the-art Digital Video cameras placed in strategic locations to capture the important moments of your ceremony. Placed in the balcony or rear of the auditorium; placed inconspicuously in the choir area or concealed in front of the pews; and placed in other areas that give a more professional and pleasing look to your video, you will cherish these scenes. For only $995, you can have 3 Digital Video cameras capture your wedding ceremony which includes one staffed camera and two stand-alone cameras set to frame memorable views. This package also includes all of the Super Package.    And and now includes a DVD!      Order Today!        Pay your deposit: 

Three Camera-Two Operator Package
    Although one camera records the important scenes of your special day, it can be limiting when capturing moments from different views such as close-ups of the bride and groom expressing their vows to each other.   Our Three Camera-Two Operator Package can capture those special moments from many important views, providing you the images that you, personally, will miss as the ceremony unfolds.  This package also provides an opportunity for us to edit a more professional program which will delight you and your viewers.  Our Three Camera-Two Operator Package which includes two Digital Video Cameras, two operators at the ceremony, and editing of the two-camera footage of the ceremony is $1495.  It includes 4 VHS copies.    Order Today!   Pay your deposit: 

"Your Story" Package
Our best package...EVER! 

Family Video strives to provide the best quality at the most reasonable fees. Just compare our prices and you‘ll see!

Now we have packaged some of the most requested services into one offer at substantial savings.

You get:

w 3-Camera Special Value $995

w Rehearsal Night (1 camera) Value $500

w "Your Life" Photo Program Value $345 including a player at rehearsal and/or reception

All for only $1495

You also get:

a 3 Windows Media Videos on private webpages including Wedding Day Highlights, Rehearsal Night Highlights and "Your Life" Photo Program

a 2 DVD masters of your programs.

a A minimum of 35 video stills on private webpages of your Wedding Day and Rehearsal Night.


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Marvelous Memories Package
     You've seen the programs on TV.   They capture the precious moments of the bride and groom of their special events and moments.  From the bride and groom interviews to the rehearsal to leaving for the honeymoon, these programs cost well over 10 thousand dollars to produce.
      Now, you can have the same type of program shot on the same types of cameras with broadcast experienced videographers, but at an affordable price.     Order Today!
      This wonderful package includes:
  • Interviews shot with the bride and groom
  • A day in the life as the bride and groom are fitted for their clothes and other events.
  • A childhood program with custom transfer to video of up to 75 photographs.  This program is produced with music and will be perfect for play at the rehearsal, reception or both.
  • Candid shots of the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner including the unforgettable toasts that are bound to happen.
  • Three cameras capturing the moments of the ceremony including close-ups of the bride and groom as they exchange vows, a wide shot of the auditorium capturing your guests and an inconspicuously placed camera either in the choir area, below and in front of the front pews, or another location to record those special moments.
  • The reception including the lead-out, the first dance, cutting of the cake, the toast, garter and bouquet toss, special events that are bound to happen, and showering of the bride and groom as they leave for the honeymoon
  • Up to 40 video stills of the rehearsal and wedding day for up to 1 year on a private Web page on our Internet site.
  • An edited broadcast quality 60 minute program with 10 DVD copies.  VHS upon request. 
  • All footage on VHS.
      This professionally produced  package is only $2950.00.  It's a great value.  All your memories captured for a lifetime.     Order Today!
     The above prices are also good Atlanta, Montgomery and within 150 miles of Birmingham. We also travel outside this area.  For  the Gulf Coast, New Orleans and Louisville (KY), add $135 per package.  For other areas, please call for a quote.
A la carte
Two-crew, full day location video taping: $950
Studio editing: $750 per day
"Your Life" Photo Program:    $345 for the first 75 photos.  $4 per photo thereafter (must be with package)
Copyright cleared music: $50 per piece plus editing at $75 per hour
Added videographer and camera:      $400
Added microphones and placement:  $75.00 minimum
Travel outside of Birmingham Metropolitan area.  35 cents per mile
Rehearsal and Dinner video recording       $500
Interview with the bride and groom prior to the wedding date:    $500.00
Webpage: $100 for one year, includes two pages and up to 10 stills
Need something else?    Have an unusual request?   Or need a special package?     Just ask.   We will be happy to give you a quote.

In Birmingham, call:  706-4697   or    (800) 283-7686

The above prices are subject to change 

To confirm pricing, we invite you to call 706-4697 or (800) 283-7686

Once your order and booking fee have been received, your fee is guaranteed.

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