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     Jim Powell has spent over 3 decades in the communications business gaining experience in radio, television broadcasting and corporate & conference television including work as an project manager, producer, engineer, videographer, on-air talent & programmer, salesperson, writer and director. He is also a licensed Certified Video Engineer (SBE) and FCC Broadcast Engineer (GROL) plus holds a Certified Electronic Technician classification from United Electronics Institute.
Most Recent Work

     After working with the International Code Council as video engineer since 2007, Jim began independently producing the ICC ES Committee event in Los Angeles in June of 2014.   From his personal equipment inventory and with an operations staff of 4, the event required 6 cameras including 4 robotics, 26 microphones, sound reinforcement, rear screen projection, recording and Internet broadcast . 

     His personal responsibilities also include being project manager, technical director and video engineer.   

     More information and pictures of this event and others may be viewed at:  ICC ES Case Study and
TriCaster 460 Case Study
     Prior to this date and as an independent contractor, Jim worked as the video engineer for the International Code Council's on-location building code hearings' television production beginning in 2007.   ICC's multi-camera operation includes 2 separate banquet halls, each with seating up to 1,500.  Each room consists of 4 cameras including 2 robotics, TriCaster, audio support up to 28 mics plus sound reinforcement; and 2 lighting trusses to light a 50 foot stage.  Each event is recorded on hard-drive, DVD and separate audio recordings.  In addition, the program is Broadcast over the Internet with delivery to personal computers as well as for iPhone, Android and Tablet reception.  One of the most recent events generated over 10,000 viewers.
     The ICC presents hearings for the public considering new building code proposals.  Meetings are

scheduled semi-annually.  Each hearing attracts upwards of 3000 participants including building inspectors,.

architects, fire marshals and others interested in promoting safe building construction.
     For more information, please go to:   ICC Atlantic City     ICC Case Study    ICC Panel
    Educated at Kent State University in Telecommunications and at United Electronics Institute in Electronics Technology, he has shared his knowledge in lectures at the MCA-I International Conference, InfoCOMM and many MCA-I Chapters. He also has further training at the International Film and Television Workshops in Rockport, Maine, audio studio engineering with the Recording Institute Association of America, SONY Workshops, and workshops through MCA-I.
Awards:  TELLY; Golden Reel; Videographer; Cindy
      Golden Reel Award was recently won from MCA-I for "President Dupler" a video program documenting the year in review for ICC President Dupler and presented at the annual conference.  See it.
     "Children of the Storm," a one hour television documentary presenting Hurricane Katrina
through the eyes of children survivors, presents a child's point of view of the disaster and how it
affected and still affects the children in it's path.  Produced by Jim and written by his wife, Charlotte,
the program presents the devastation from New Orleans through the Mississippi Gulf Coast
to Bayou La Batre, Alabama with experiences from 20 children from the Gulf Coast and
New Orleans.  See it on YouTube    For more information, go to:   ShootSouth.com
     "Children of the Storm" won the top TELLY Award, a Silver.
     Jim has also provided videography services for Space Camp in Huntsville recording the footage
for a "week in the life" marketing video.
     In addition, he has provided footage for The Montel Williams Show and The Dr. Keith Ablow Show
     Recent awards include two national awards for "The Arnolds of Owen County," a documentary concerning a family that settled a large portion of Northern Kentucky in 1800.  Jim has won a TELLY Award, Cindy and a Videographer Award for "Space Camp" for production and videographyHe has also won an ITVA AiME Award and The Communicator's Award for performance in NAMB's "Missions-in-Motion."

        In recognition of his service with the national MCA-I Board of Directors, Jim has also received the prestigious President's Award.

     Prior to 1985, Jim spent many years in radio and television broadcasting working as an operations manager, on-air talent, programmer, writer, producer and engineer through the mid-west and south working the markets of Louisville, Nashville, Cleveland, Cedar Rapids and Birmingham.
Industry Participation
     Jim has received many accolades for his leadership rolls in MCA-I including the MCA-I National Board of Directors, Regional Vice President and National Nominations Committee Chair.  
     He is a Life Member of The Media Communications Association-International (MCA-I) joining in 1985; and member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE)
     For more information, contact Jim at (205) 706-4697 or  (800) 283-7686. You may also email Jim at   Jim@JimPowell.com

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