ICC  Hearings (International Code Council)

an "Electronic Presentation and Webcasting" Study

by Jim Powell

The ICC presents hearings for the public considering new building code proposals.  Meetings are scheduled semi-annually.  Each hearing attracts upwards of 3000 participants including building inspectors, architects, fire marshals and others interested in promoting safe building construction.
This website is not presented by ICC.  It was built by Jim Powell, CEV* and is solely for the purpose as a case study in video presentation and web-cast training. 
All comments are by Jim Powell, an independent contractor,  who works on the production team for the ICC Electronics Media Department.
The following is specifically for training purposes only and is presented with permission.
All photos are Copyrighted by the ICC.  Any reproduction is strictly prohibited.


Dallas, Texas - May, 2010








As many as 3,000 participants attend each event.


2 HD Canon and 2 Sony Remote Cameras


2 ball rooms are used to accommodate the participants.


are used at each hearing in each room.


2 complete video systems are used, one per room.

Operation requires a minimum team of 5 per shift, per room




In SD mode, the cameras are switched through a Panasonic MX70

As many as 1500 proposed codes or code changes


switcher, then fed to a NewTek TriCaster Studio where graphics


are debated over a 2 week or more period and


are added to the final production which is fed to 2 - 16' by 20' screens,


sometimes each day from 8 am to midnight.


recorded to hard-drives and DVD discs, and web-cast.


In addition to 2 HD XL H1 Canon manual cameras, 

The BRC 300s are moved by this controller.

2 Sony BRC 300 3-Chip Remote Cameras are used 

ICC uses at least 6 presets for each camera.

in each room with pan, tilt and zoom features.

Up to 7 cameras can be controlled by one unit.



As many as 27 microphones are used for committees,


Encoding and monitor decoding take place

proponents, staff and the moderator.


in one dedicated laptop via high speed Internet connection.


    The NewTek TriCaster Studio is the center of the system

     In addition to the ICC program responsibilities, this

adding live graphics, playing video clips, controlling on-screen

  workhorse also provides editing capabilities, background

voting via VGA and other functions.  It's last in the chain

  graphic creation, up to 6 camera switching, audio mixing,
before DA.   encoding  for the Internet, and many additional features.

The above is a brief photo introduction into the ICC Hearings video system for live presentation, recording and web-casting.

For more information, view a video concerning the system.  Select PLAY


Note:  Jim, a CERTIFIED VIDEO ENGINEER, works with the ICC Electronics Media Department as an independent for technical support and as an operator.  He has experience working with each of the above components with extensive work with the TriCaster units, remote camera operation and Canon XL H1 operation.  The above system was designed by Manager Rick Carroll and his staff at ICC.





 About Jim Powell  


    Jim has spent more than 35 years in the communications business gaining experience in radio, broadcast television and corporate television including work as a producer, engineer, videographer, on-air talent, and programmer. He is a member of SBE (Society of Broadcast Engineers) and a Certified Video Engineer, Life Member of The Media Communications Association-International (MCA-I) and a member of AAF (American Advertising Federation)Jim  is also a licensed FCC 1st Class Radiotelephone with Radar (Broadcast Engineer).

      Today, he is an independent providing production and technical support.  He also lectures and teaches fundamentals of electronic presentation and related technology.  The above is a case study used in those presentations.  He has also taught and shared production and communications business knowledge in lectures and seminars at the MCA-I International Conference, InfoCOMM and many MCA-I Chapters.



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