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Walk the Walk and
Talk the Talk
by Jim Powell
    Not many years ago, I was asked to play the role of a Colonel in the Army. He was to be a scientist working in Huntsville and perhaps was not the stereotypical military person as many people think. The Colonel was authoritative but much more of a teacher and motivator.
    Since I had never been in the military, I asked the producer if I might spend a half day with the type of colonel that he wanted me to play. Being that I had to be fitted for a uniform and get a military hair cut at the PX, it seemed that was the best time.
    No long before this, I had been studying a method of communicating call '"mirroring" which has a close relationship with a psychological principle called "Nuerolinguistic programming" or NLP. NLP is the study of how a person communicates to himself, how this communication affects the nervous system, and consequently, every action that he makes. An example of how NLP has an effect on us is that if we are feeling a certain way, that feeling has a pronounced effect on how we act and appear on the outside. If we are confident and proud of the way that we are, that feeling is going to present a person who has a straight posture, a brisk walk and a confident speech pattern. This principle also works in reverse. If we are disillusioned or depressed, we will appear drooped or seem to be turning inward, have a nonchalant walk and have no particular direction. Outside influences work through our bodies to tell us how to feel. In addition, our inside feelings guide our appearance.
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