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A talent’s nightmare?

     Shooting digital television programs whether for High Definition or another high resolution format increases sharpness of the images over NTSC. And that means, we on-camera folks can’t hide the lines anymore...or blemishes...or a bad night before. All the details can be seen.

     This, then, creates closer scrutiny of makeup and preparation. (I’m not sure using Preparation H on my lines, which I’ve heard being used, is my direction. I don‘t think so.) Make-up artists tell me that lighter coverage is necessary. Heavy makeup will definitely show.

     Talent will also need to pay more attention to their appearance. "How?" you ask. Stay away from the sun is one suggestion by the artists. Sun, although giving you a nice glow, usually will not tan your skin evenly creating deep contrasts between your normal skin and the tanned part. However, normal untanned skin , say the artists, is easier to even out. So, coverage is lighter.

     Also, with the aspect ratio being like film, close-ups will have to be shot differently. You have to fill up the space on the sides. "Go closer with the close-up," you say. Okay, think about this. You go closer. With the better resolution, you pick-up ALL the lines and other features in fine detail including nose hair. I don’t know about you, but to me nose hair is not very pretty...unless…

     No, no, no…too much is….too much!

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