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Points of Interest and other thoughts.

   Big Hill, Kentucky is about 4 miles east of Berea located in the western lower hills of the Appalachian Chain. The area even today is mostly farmland and forest area.  It's been said that the first Powell to settle in the area was Lovely Abraham Powell.   Two grandsons, Abe and Nathan Powell, moved to Herny County in 1910.  Their father was Hudson J. Powell.

     In Big Hill, no schools where available at the times that Hudson and his children resided in the area and although they were very intelligent people being good with math and such, neither Hudson nor Abe could read or write. This is documented in the census of 1870 and 1900. Also note on the marriage certificates of each, their signature marks. Since Hudson or Elizabeth could not read or write the spellings of children’s names are different from each census. It probably was a guess by the census taker which was different each time.

     It is thought that Abe and Nathan had adjoining farms at Big Hill.

     Hudson Powell must have been a very generous man. In the 1880 census, 13 people lived in his house: his immediate family of 9, his father and mother in law and their granddaughter and her son.

     Elizabeth died before Hudson moved to Henry County to live with his sons.  She is buried in the Big Hill-Berea area.  Hudson died in 1917 and is buried in the Port Royal Cemetery.

     A picture on the Abe Powell page provided by Sue Hoagland is of Abe and his family taken about 1902 and was printed in the Henry County Local. It was thought that this is the house in which Abe and his family lived before moving to Henry County.  As for the date of the picture, Nettie is not shown so it must have been before 1905. Albert appears to be between 6 and 8, he was born in 1894. Andrew who does not appear in the 1900 census appears to be about a 4 months to 9 months old. William who was born in 1889 appears to be between 11 to 13.

     The Civil War. Although Hudson's brother, George Washington Powell and his nephew Abram Powell fought on the Union side, it’s not known to what extent Hudson and his family were involved in the Civil War. Two of his sons, William C. born in 1859 and Leafayette born in 1861 were alive at the time, but were not old enough to be in combat. At that time, they lived in Jackson County which is the next county southeast of Madison. It is also at higher elevations in the mountains. It is known that severe fighting took place throughout the area.

     Berea was a deep anti-slavery area. So much so that Madison County slave owners drove the founders of Berea College away during the Civil War. They retreated into Indiana until they could return in 1866.

-Jimmy, son of Carroll, son of Albert, son of Abe, son of Hudson.


Where does our name come from?

    It is thought that the surname Powell comes from Wales, the Welsh meaning, "son of Howell". According to Halbert’s genealogy, the name also has the variations of:

Howell, Howells, Powel, Powels, Poul, Powl, Powle, Appowell, Pouls, Powls, Powles, Appowells, and Powells.

We’re from England!


From Maudean Neill at ""    and Nina Scotti

Maudean and Nina have documented family lineage as follows:

William Powell Born in England around 1600 married to Elizabeth;

Thomas Powell, Son of William Born in Essex County, Virginia in 1630  (near the Chesapeake Bay)

Honorias Powell, Son of Thomas Born in 1669

Thomas Powell, Son of Honorias Born in 1730

Thomas served with George Washington in the march to Pittsburgh to capture
Ft. Dequesne from the French.

Time Note: 1767, Daniel Boone made his first trip into Kentucky on a hunting expedition

John Powell, Son of Thomas Born in 1772 in Culpepper County, Virginia

Time Note: 1776, United States becomes a Nation.

Died before 1840 in Estill County, Ky (west of Richmond, Ky)

Lovely Abraham Powell, Son of John Born in 1790 near the Georgia and South Carolina line

Hudson Jasper Powell, Son of Lovely born 1834(5) in Jackson County, Kentucky

 Hudson’s siblings:

John b. 1812, Cleveland b. 1813, Nancy Ann b. 1815, Catherine b. 1816, Susan Jane b. 1820, Emanuel b. 1826, Larkin b. 1829, Sarah/Sally b. 1829 (not necessarily twins, the census wasn’t always correct), George Washington b. 1828 Civil War Union Soldier, Lucinda b. 1832,    Calvin b. 1835, Hudson b. 1835 (not necessarily twins; in the Port Royal Cemetery, he is listed as having been born in 1834)

Hudson's siblings and spouses:

Cleveland Powell 1813 m. Malinda Abner

Nancy Ann Powell b. 1815; m. (1) Lewis Logsdon; m (2) Madad Skinner

Catherine Powell b. 1816 m. (1) 1829 John Powell; m (2) 1843 George W. Rogers

Susan Jane Powell b. 1820 m. Oliver Perry Jackson

Abram Powell b. 1822 m. Leander Dale

Emanuel Powell b. ca 1826 m. Susan Willis

Larkin A. Powell b 1829 m. (1) Rhoda Baker; m. (2) Sarah J. Powell; m. (3) Sarah Rose

Sarah Powell b. 1829 m. Bartlett Rogers

Lucinda Powell b. 1832 m. Felix Rogers

George W. Powell b. 1828 m. (1) Polly Ann Rose; m (2) Lucinda Willis; m. (3) Annie May Carr

Calvin C. Powell b. 1835; m. (1) Marium Willis; m (2) Rosanna Rogers; m (3) Emily ?

Hudson J. Powell b. 1835 m. (1) 1858 Nancy Frances Harrison; m (2) Elizabeth Williams Durham


This information was complied by Maudean Neill, "" and Nini Scotti