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"The Powell Family of Big Hill, Kentucky"

Video Program

Produced by award winning videographer, producer and member of the Powell Family, Jim Powell

     "The Powell Family of Big Hill, Kentucky" is a 48 minute program which includes the migration and settling of the Powell Family into Eastern Kentucky just before 1800.    It also includes the 1999 Powell Family Reunion at Big Hill which confirmed the lineage of our ancestors to England.   117 people from more than 10 states representing 60 families attended the reunion comparing knowledge and telling stories about their close relatives and stories handed down through the generations. 

     You will hear stories about Lovely Abraham, a tough, wilderness surviving individual who fought the land and the law to survive; of George Washington Powell and Abram Powell who fought in the Civil War; of the jingle hole legend and many more. 

     You will see footage of the Lovely Abraham Farm site, the Kentucky wilderness, construction of dwellings, gravesites and other information crucial to understanding the lineage and lifestyle of the Powell Family.

     Maudean Neill, professional genealogist and also a Powell Family member, gives a presentation on her findings about the Powell Family dating back to 1600 in England.  Nini Scotti also contributed to these findings.

     This documentary was produced by Jim Powell, experienced videographer and producer who also happens to be a family member descended through Hudson J. Powell.    Educated in Mass Communication and Electronic Production, Jim is also a well respected narrator having provided services for major companies throughout the United States.  He recently received two national honors for documentary production:                                             The Videographers Award and the TELLY Award.     He is also a winner of the prestigious ITVA (International Television Association) AiME Award in the "Performance" category.    More may be learned about Jim by going to

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