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of Kentucky

Hudson J. Powell

The Hudson Powell Family

including Abe Powell and Nathan Powell

From 1835, Jackson & Madison Counties, Ky.

Now in Henry County, Ky.

prepared by Jim Powell, 1996 and dedicated to Alice Powell


The following was gathered from the Kentucky Archives in Frankfort, from conversations with relatives, from a book by Alice Powell "Aprons and Altars" and from the cemetery in Port Royal. Other information is welcomed to add or to clarify this information. Its purpose is to provide some background about our family with some supposition to the life and character of our recent relatives
1991ChristmasSm2.jpg (19110 bytes)     Hudson Powell was born in 1834 in Madison County, Kentucky to Lovely Abraham Powell and Sarah/Sally Allen Powell who originally were from South Carolina. Hudson was the Father of Abe and Nathan "Poppie" Powell who along with Hudson migrated to Henry County from Big Hill, Kentucky (about 4 miles east of Berea) in 1910 according to Alice Powell’s book "Aprons and Altars". I have also been told that "Curtis" Powell of Henry County is a brother to Abe and therefore must have moved with the family on this date. Curtis is not buried in the Port Royal Cemetery as are the others.
1981 Christmas at Albert and Ada Powell's home in Eminence. Albert was the son of Abe, who was the son of Hudson J. Powell       Back: Tommy, John, Carroll; Seated: Albert, Ada, Alene
The 1870 census taken of Hudson Powell in Jackson County shows:

Hudson Powell 34,  Elizabeth 34, William C. 11, Leafayette 9, Nathan 2, Hudson, Jr. 7 months (not listed on the 1880 census)

The 1880 census taken of the Hudson J. Powell family in Madison County shows the following:

Hudson Powell 42, Elizabeth, wife 42 named from Mother, William C. son 21, Lafatt son 18, Thomas Durham, step son 17, Nathan, son 12 named from Grandfather, Aram Durham, son 8 (Is this Abe?), Loucinda (Cindy) daughter 4 possibly moved to Indiana, Franklin 2 also in the house Nathan Williams, father in law 81 from North Carolina, Elizabeth Williams, mother in law 78 from North Carolina, Jane Brockman 20, granddaughter of   Nathan and Elizabeth, James Brockman, Jane’s son 2

Abe Powell continues the census.