Arnold Family Cabin


Door Jam Construction

Door Jam Connection
DoorJam1Sm.jpg (27324 bytes)      The door jams were hand hewn making them a labor intensive piece of work.  The notches where rough cut then shaped with knives.   A hole was bored through the notches from the back side.  Seen here is the floor or sill part of the kitchen doorway.  The vertical section was cut to fit within this section and was bored with a hole to align with a pin connector.  The pin or dowel  which also was hand carved was then hammered from the back through both sections.  This gave a very strong fit.   Much stronger than construction used today to make doors.  The final door jam appeared like the photo below.
Final Connection
DoorJam3Sm.jpg (30908 bytes)     This is the opposite side of the kitchen door. You can see that the sections fit very tightly from the connection shown above.  All the lumber came from White Poplar trees cut from the property.